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Global Innovation Empowers K9 Law Enforcement

World Police Summit

The World Police Summit serves as a pivotal gathering that brings together experts and specialists in law enforcement from various countries and international organizations. This global event plays a crucial role in facilitating the exchange of knowledge and best practices, ultimately contributing to the development of law enforcement professionals worldwide.

Graeme Jones, the Owner of Cerberesk Working Dogs UK, emphasizes the importance of attending such a summit, as it fosters the sharing of information and practices essential for the advancement of law enforcement. In this interview, Jones sheds light on the significance of the World Police Summit and highlights the benefits it brings to law enforcement agencies.

1. What is the importance of organising the World Police Summit, which brings together experts and specialists in law enforcement from various countries and international organisations? Would you urge other law enforcement agencies to attend it?

The sharing of knowledge and practices from around the world is vital to the development of everyone involved in law enforcement. That development translates to safer communities for all.

2. What challenges face K9 units nowadays in terms of (financing, training, emerging technology, health…etc)?

In a world recession it is no surprise that budgetary constraints are being felt be everyone including K9 units. We must look to all of those involved in the K9 branch of law enforcement to develop skills and techniques that maximise the potential and effectiveness of K9 units to support Policing objectives.

The emergence of new technology should be seen by K9 as an opportunity for collaboration where possible and to develop new skills. Closer working with all branches can only improve service delivery and public confidence.

As law enforcement faces a multitude of challenges, it is crucial for K9 units to adapt and evolve. Whether it is grappling with limited budgets, training needs, emerging technology, or health concerns, collaboration and innovation are key to overcoming these obstacles. Graeme Jones emphasizes the importance of seizing opportunities for collaboration and skill development within the K9 branch of law enforcement. By working closely with other branches and embracing new technologies, K9 units can maximize their potential, improve service delivery, and enhance public confidence. The World Police Summit stands as a beacon of knowledge exchange and serves as a catalyst for the ongoing development of law enforcement professionals, ensuring safer communities for all.

Mark your calendars and join us next year:

📍Dubai World Trade Centre

🗓 5 - 7 March 2024

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