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World Police Summit & KPMG
Drones Report

Drones have gained widespread adoption among police departments worldwide, proving invaluable for tasks that are challenging or hazardous for officers to undertake alone. The dawn of transformative law enforcement innovations hinges on emerging technologies that reshape operational paradigms, enabling interventions and collaborations vital for societal security. A groundbreaking shift in law enforcement involves the deployment of 5G-enabled drones, revolutionizing surveillance by offering mobility, flexibility, and adaptability beyond traditional fixed systems.

Despite the effectiveness of drones in law enforcement, concerns surrounding privacy and civil liberties have surfaced. Police departments have addressed these concerns through policy frameworks. Drones are employed across diverse scenarios, such as grid management, event security, epidemic prevention, and crime information collection. They excel in situations like crowd monitoring, missing person searches, and traffic observation.

Drones excel at capturing high-resolution images and videos of crime scenes, streamlining evidence gathering. They prove invaluable for searching rugged terrains and large bodies of water, particularly in locating missing individuals. During high-risk events like active shooter incidents or hostage situations, drones offer real-time support and data dissemination. Monitoring traffic and aiding accident reconstruction enhance overall police response.

Drones' unique vantage points outperform traditional police equipment, offering speed, cost-effectiveness, and efficiency. To fulfill specific tasks, drones require various payloads, such as surveillance cameras, microphones, and heat sensors. The integration of drones with Augmented Reality (AR) brings further innovation, enabling object identification, license plate recognition, and enhanced tracking capabilities.

In summary, drones have become a cornerstone tool for global police departments. Their adaptability in surveillance operations and diverse applications underscore their significance. While privacy concerns exist, departments have established protocols to address them. The fusion of drones with AR promises novel law enforcement capabilities, enhancing officer safety and community well-being.

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