Future Mobility and Road Safety


Case Study | Challenges Police Facing in Road Crashes

06 Mar 2024
Theater D
Future Mobility

Global police agencies are facing tremendous challenges in the current law enforcement environment.  Such challenges include workforce shortages due to low recruitment and retirement of veteran officers, training and development of existing and new staff, financial concerns, and efficiently answering the needs of the citizens the police serve.  While some of these concerns have been observed by leaders for many years, the crises encountered by law enforcement leadership are reaching critical levels.  However, each challenge cited has one public safety aspect in common – they all directly impact roadway safety. 

Attendees Insights:
This presentation will examine the current law enforcement environment with a focus on roadway safety. The session will revolve around traffic safety in a pre-and post-pandemic world, understanding why traffic collisions and roadway fatalities are a global problem, and how international forces can work together to address the needs of our motorists. The presentation will provide attendees with global contacts, facilitate the exchange of ideas to address challenges, and develop a group to exchange ideas with a think-tank mentality.      


Adam Hyde, Director of Highway and Transportation Safety Programs - Northwestern University Center for Public Safety