Thomas Duroyon

Thomas Duroyon


Thomas Duroyon is the CEO of TRAAK, a self-funded French start-up specialising in the development of geolocation and biometric tracking solutions for constrained environments in the defence, security and industrial markets. TRAAK is unique in that we develop all our sensors in France and in-house, offering our partners real flexibility, interoperability with any existing system and a high level of confidentiality.  TRAAK has acquired a certain reputation among defence and security forces for being able to produce the "five-legged sheep" products that some units require.

Prior to founding TRAAK, Thomas spent 20 years in senior management positions in the pharmaceutical and medical device industries, including 15 years in the Asia Pacific region. In his last role, Thomas was Managing Director of a French affiliate of Johnson & Johnson. Passionate about technology, Thomas decided to embark on the entrepreneurial adventure after meeting his current business partner and CTO.

Thomas founded TRAAK because he believes that the ability to provide physiological and/or location data that is reliable, accurate and accessible in all circumstances can contribute to greater safety for operational personnel working in challenging environments, particularly police officers, first responders and military personnel.

TRAAK is the inventor of Cavalry technology, an intelligent fabric that can detect and locate any penetrating impact (knife, bullet, shrapnel) and automatically send a real-time alert to backup. The officer can then focus on his or her safety, knowing that help is on the way.