Maj. Sauod Almutawa

Maj. Sauod Almutawa

Head of Financial Analysis Centre
Dubai Police

I joined Dubai Police GHQ as a Law Enforcement Officer holding the military rank of Major since February 2022 and currently am the Head of The Financial Analysis Centre. I’m tasked with setting the Centre’s Risk Governance Framework in line with the National Risk Assessment, developing its strategy and policies, and building the capacities to foster effectiveness, among others.

Prior to joining Dubai Police, I served as a Senior Public Prosecutor at Ras Al-Khaimah Public Prosecution for almost 9 years, where I judicially investigated, prosecuted  and appealed predicate offences and money laundering cases, including other felonies and misdemeanors.

I’m the National Lead Expert on ML Investigations and Prosecutions, and was recently tasked as the National Vulnerabilities’ Team Leader within the framework of the National Risk Assessment. I served in several national committees, such as the ML Investigations Committee, International Cooperation Committee and National Risk Assessment Committee.

I was tasked during 2021 to lead a team of national experts to draft The National Manual on Financial Intelligence, Financial Investigations and Money Laundering Investigations of the UAE, which was endorsed and adopted by the UAE’s National AML/CTF Committee during March 2020. I also lead the team towards drafting the 2nd edition of the Manual, which was adopted during April 2022.