Jasper Frost

Jasper Frost

Chief Executive Officer
ALPHA Intelligence Group

Jasper Frost is co-founder and the Chief Executive Officer at ALPHA Intelligence Group.

He is an international coveted consultant, trainer, and keynote speaker in the fields of Human Intelligence (HUMINT), and Strategic Business Intelligence including elicitation, verbal and non-verbal communication, deception detection, facial expressions, influential psychology, and behavioural assessment.

He is trained by and cooperates with people from the highest government and intelligence services, as well as other federal law enforcement and security authorities in the United States.

Jasper trains, consults, and advice corporations, security authorities, and individuals from Scandinavia, the UAE, and Singapore in making sure that when the stakes are high, they have the right techniques to elicit sensitive or critical information without their counterpart becoming aware of their intent, as well as accurately analyse their counterparts verbal and non-verbal behaviour to proactively anticipate future behaviour or actions.

He is also a permanent teacher within legal compulsory education and his training courses in Deception Detection, Tactical Elicitation, and Facial Expressions are all approved as official compulsory education for lawyers and attorneys in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Australia.

Jasper is a Principal Trainer at Sector Intelligence Group and handles the Nordics, UAE and Asia, and an International Associate Partner and trainer at the Praesidium Group in Australia.

Furthermore, he is represented as a keynote speaker and expert educator at BigSpeak and is a former associate to Paul Ekman International.