Gurvais Grigg

Gurvais Grigg

Chief Technology Officer, Public Sector

Gurvais C. Grigg is bilingual technology executive and recognized thought leader and with 28 years of public and private sector experience leading complex organizations, investigations, and technical programs. In February 2021, Gurvais retired from the FBI after 23 years and joined Chainalysis as the Global Public Sector Chief Technology Officer (CTO). He is responsible for connecting global governments with the cryptocurrency industry and providing them with the best data and tools to manage risk, address threats, and conduct effective investigations.

Gurvais joined the FBI as a Special Agent in 1997 and later as a senior executive. He has held positions of trust and led diverse teams to consult, advise, and deliver innovative solutions for hard to solve problems. He has been responsible for hundreds of millions of dollars to design and build state of the art operational and technical capabilities working with partners around the world to identify and track suspected terrorists, spies, and criminals and their finances; evaluate enterprise risks, improve information sharing, implement knowledge management and data solutions to support a global FBI workforce of over 36,000; turn around struggling programs and build strong and resilient teams. He pioneered data exploitation and sharing initiatives to enhance record intensive investigations; address forensic and digital evidence collection/storage challenges; oversaw the use of software for probabilistic genotyping; and pattern and object recognition tools to support machine learning and artificial intelligence.

In 2000, Gurvais and fellow case agents received the Investigation of the Year award from the National Health Care Anti-Fraud Association for work on a large workers compensation fraud and anti-money laundering investigation. In 2004, he received the FBI Director’s Award for Outstanding Information Management for his innovative efforts to improve access and delivery of vital intelligence through his leadership and promotion of the Investigative Data Warehouse, a first of its kind, large-scale FBI data and analytical platform. In 2010, he formed the Federal Knowledge Management Community, a partnership of more than two dozen federal agencies with over 125 members working together to exchange solutions and drive innovation within the federal government. In 2017, Gurvais was appointed by the U.S. Attorney General to serve on the Executive Advisory Board of the National Domestic Communications Assistance Center. In 2018, he was appointed as the Assistant Director of the FBI Laboratory, one of the largest, most respected, and extensive crime labs in the world.

Gurvais is the recipient of numerous awards including the FBI’s Manual J. Gonzales Ethics Award and the Presidential Rank Award for his sustained executive accomplishments as designated by the President of the United States. He holds a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry with a minor in Spanish and a master’s degree in homeland security management with a thesis on the historical analysis of global bus-related terrorism. Prior to joining the FBI, Gurvais worked as a stock, bond, and insurance broker in the financial services industry. He is an Eagle Scout and 2016 recipient of the National Eagle Scout Association Outstanding Eagle Scout Award for distinguished service to his profession and the community.