Faisal AlKaabi

Faisal AlKaabi

Dean of Faculty
Rabdan Academy

Dr. Faisal AlKaabi is the Dean of Faculty of Resilience at Rabdan Academy, and he holds a PhD in Health & Safety from the University College London (UCL), a Master’s Degree in Health & Safety from the University of Birmingham (UK), a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Aston University (UK) and a Post Graduate Diploma in Organizational Leadership from the University of Oxford (UK).

Dr. AlKaabi has leading academic and research experience in the police & security fields along with hands-on professional experience gained over his work in Abu Dhabi Police, where he held many positions that enhanced his knowledge and research aspects of strategic planning, police and organizational leadership, innovation, future foresight and other related fields.

Before joining Rabdan Academy, Dr. AlKaabi held many important positions, including, but not limited to, Director of Policing Research & Studies Centre, the Deputy Director of Innovation and Foresight Department at Abu Dhabi Police Centre for Strategy and Institutional Development (ADPCSID), Head of the Field Review Branch, along with other related positions through which he was able to achieve exceptional results that contributed to the adoption of successful global practices and experiences in the relevant police and security fields.

As the Dean of Faculty at RA, Dr AlKaabi is the Chair of the Faculty Committee, Chair of the Curriculum Committee, Chair of the Examination Board, Chair of the Program Advisory Committee, leading the delivery of academic programs and member of the Academic Board. During his first three years of tenure at RA, Dr Al Kaabi led design, development and delivery of the new BSc in Defence and Security at Zayed Military University, served as project leader for the dual MSc in Systems Engineering with Cranfield University.

As Deputy Director of Innovation and Foresight Department, Dr. AlKaabi was a key member for the task force for the planning of the Abu Dhabi Police 2057 plan, and he actively participated in assessing and implementing innovative ideas from different stakeholders, supervising the main Abu Dhabi Police surveys to measure the perception of the community, employees, service users, suppliers and corporate stakeholders. Under his role as Director of Policing Research & Studies Centre, Al Kaabi supervised the academic and field research conducted by the Research and Studies Branch, Evaluated Research findings and raised recommendations for decision makers to support other departments.