Anthony Mills

Anthony Mills

Executive Director
Global Innovation Institute

Anthony Mills is a seasoned business and academic leader – a master visionary, leader, strategist, designer, technologist, product developer, and brand builder.

Anthony is recognized globally for his knowledge and expertise in strategic innovation (innovation-driven growth), corporate innovation, future of work, customer experience, design thinking, brand execution, and more.

What drives Anthony is leading exciting new endeavors that hold major value for both the organization and its constituents.

He has successfully driven multiple new large-scale endeavors in both business and academic enterprises, spanning startups to Fortune 100s. From defining new business platforms and go-to-market strategies, to designing and delivering completely new product categories, he has launched several new lines of business and filled many different roles.

Anthony leads organizations by casting a compelling vision for the organization and for each of its undertakings. This creates a shared sense of purpose in the organization, which in turn drives focus, ownership, accountability, and discipline.

Anthony is also a consummate ambassador and diplomat. He knows how to build solid relationships in organizations that mobilize people and achieve the intended outcomes. Ultimately, he knows how to get things done in organizations.

He has extensive experience working throughout North America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.