Sébastien Moras

Sébastien Moras

Chief of Staff

Sébastien Moras is a French lawyer and Chief Police Superintendent
with more than 20 years of experience in law enforcement at both
national and international levels.

Sébastien Moras is Chief of Staff for the Executive Director of Europol,
the European Union Agency for Law Enforcement Cooperation. He has
led the Corporate Affairs Department since 2019, and is in charge of
providing support to the Executive Director and the senior
management team. This includes coordinating and advising on key
corporate interests and overseeing the implementation of Europol’s
strategy 2020+. He originally joined Europol in 2016 as head of the
French Liaison Bureau.

Prior to taking up his role at Europol, Sébastien Moras held a wide
variety of leadership roles in the French police. He began his career as
a Police Superintendent in 2001 and held operational positions in the
Judiciary Police of Lyon. He served as deputy Head of the Financial and
Economic Crime Department. He later commanded the Drugs and
Human Trafficking Department. As a senior manager of the Criminal
Directorate, he was also involved in the resolution of major crimes like
murders and armed robberies.

Following this, Mr Moras worked for 4 years in Bulgaria as a diplomat
representing the French Ministry of Interior. As part of this role, he
helped to develop bilateral and multilateral cooperation on strategic
and operational matters.

In 2014, Sébastien Moras was promoted to Chief of Staff for the
Central Director of the French Judiciary Police, who was also the
President of Interpol. In this time, Sébastien Moras was strongly
involved in crisis management during the terrorist attacks in France in
2015 and 2016.

Sébastien Moras has been awarded the Worth and Merits- second
degree honorific distinction by the Minister of Interior of Bulgaria and
the Order of Police Merit by the Director of the Spanish National Police.

Sébastien Moras holds a Master’s degree in Law from the University of
Strasbourg and a Master’s degree in Internal Security from the
University of Lyon. He attended the National Superior Police College of
Saint Cyr au Mont d’Or in France. He is fluent in English and French,
and speaks Spanish.