Klas Haglid

Klas Haglid

CEO & Founder
Haglid Engineering & Associates, Inc.

Klas Haglid, P.E., R.A. is CEO and founder of Haglid Engineering & Associates, Inc. and Building Performance Equipment, Inc. Haglid Engineering is an engineering consulting firm that provides HVAC, mechanical, and structural services for commercial and industrial properties, as well as expert testimony in litigation matters. Building Performance Equipment (BPE) manufactures very high efficiency air-to-air energy recovery equipment.

Haglid Engineering is an Emmy Award Winning Engineer and Architect from Urban Green and the USGBC and has worked on a wide variety of school and industrial projects. They have obtained large state incentives for individual projects and even larger comprehensive Pay for Performance Projects. Haglid Engineering is also a certified Pay for Performance Partner and can apply for incentives in New Jersey worth upwards of two and a half million dollars. The company also works with NYSERDA for incentives up to six million dollars, depending on the size and scope of the project. Obviously, the larger the project, the larger the potential incentive. Haglid Engineering works hand in hand with school boards, business administrators, and utility boards to provide the greatest incentives on high-performance energy efficiency projects that continue to provide savings for twenty years or more.

Klas has served as Chairman of ASHRAE Technical Committee 5.5 Air-to-Air Energy Recovery and Chairman of ASHRAE Technical Committee 7.8 Owning and Operating Costs. As an active member of ASHRAE, he has moderated forums and seminars, presented at several ASHRAE Annual Meetings, and published extensively on issues involving energy recovery and HVAC issues. Having worked in Central Research for DuPont, as Staff Consultant for Atlantic Electric, and with the United States Department of Energy on ECO-Links projects, he uses practical experience to facilitate energy efficient retrofits and challenging HVAC solutions. Klas also holds many patents for systems that combine energy recovery devices with innovative controls. Such technology enables buildings to work more efficiently, thereby reducing owning and operating costs.

Haglid Engineering® and BPE® are companies that enjoy using creative thinking and excellence in engineering to improve peoples’ lives via strategies that provide superior, comfortable, and healthier indoor climates. By using sustainable and renewable energy, we can use less of our planet’s scarce resources and conserve them for our children and future generations.

Klas Haglid is currently licensed as a Professional Engineer and/or Registered Architect in the following states: Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, California, Pennsylvania, Vermont, and Virginia. He holds a current National NCEES Record as well as over 153 Patent Claims approved to date.