Resilience and Sustainability


Leadership Discussion | Weapons of the Future: Potential Risks and Threats Landscape

05 Mar 2024
Theater E
Resilience and Sustainability

The emergence of futuristic weapons brings unique challenges for law enforcement agencies tasked with maintaining public safety, preventing crime, and responding to threats. As advanced technologies shape the landscape of potential risks and threats, law enforcement must adapt their strategies, capabilities, and legal frameworks to effectively address these challenges.

Attendee Insights:
Join the global leaders as they talk about NextGen weapons like 3D Printed, internet and dark web and other improvised weapons. Session will also shed light upon publicly available drone technology and associated risks and how can we protect soft targets such as public transport, malls, events, etc. Cyber-attacks on operational systems, critical infrastructure, CBRN new style, 'using' HazMat transport and facilities.