Resilience and Sustainability


Leadership Discussion | Terrorism & Counterterrorism: Current Situation and Prognoses

05 Mar 2024
Theater E
Resilience and Sustainability

Counterterrorism efforts continue to be significant global challenge as terrorist groups have diversified their tactics, moving beyond traditional methods to incorporate cyberattacks, lone-wolf attacks, and the use of social media for radicalization and recruitment. These situations and prognosis involve a complex landscape of evolving threats, changing tactics, and the need for adaptive responses.

Attendee Insights:
A must-attend session to understand the reality of post-organizational terrorism, polarization, and online radicalization. How critical infrastructure are becoming easy targets and the future of state-sponsored terrorism.

Rommel Banlaoi, Chairman and Executive Director - Philippine Institute for Peace, Violence, and Terrorism Research
Rosalind Nyawira, Director - National Counter Terrorism Centre