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The Vitality of the World Police Summit in Advancing Law Enforcement through Innovation and Technology

World Police Summit

In a rapidly evolving world where innovation and technology play a crucial role in law enforcement, the World Police Summit stands as a paramount event. Gathering experts and specialists from diverse nations and international organizations, this summit serves as a platform for sharing best practices and fostering collaborations between law enforcement agencies, academia, and the private sector.

Kris D'Hoore, Chief Innovation Officer of the Federal Police Belgium, emphasizes the importance of leveraging innovation and new technologies to address future crime challenges and ensure public safety. In this interview, D'Hoore sheds light on the significance of the World Police Summit and advocates for the participation of law enforcement stakeholders in this groundbreaking event. 

What is the importance of organising the World Police Summit, which brings together experts and specialists in law enforcement from various countries and international organisations? Would you urge other law enforcement agencies to attend it?

Sharing information on best practices and providing an opportunity to network between law enforcement, academia and private sector is extremely important to be able to use innovation and new technologies with a view to tackle future crime and public order or traffic security challenges. Hence, I would recommend law enforcement stakeholders to attend the WPS.

How can technology today enhance road safety and security, and contribute to reducing the number of traffic related injuries and deaths?

New technology can provide a completely new infrastructure that enables monitoring all traffic, and by doing so reducing injuries and deaths. Self-driving cars; sensors measuring speed, alcohol, or drugs consumption; Automated Number Plate Recognition, … are all examples of specific technology that contributes to the overall objective.

Nowadays, technologies and artificial intelligence systems have become essential in supporting all vital sectors. To what extent does technology interfere today with the work of police officers and international police organisations?

To every extend. The exponential speed with which technology evolves and provides law enforcement with new or improved possibilities to achieve their objectives is just bluffing. Every aspect of police work, be it criminal investigations, public order operations, traffic control, … will be impacted.

As technology continues to shape our world, its impact on policing and international police organizations cannot be overstated. The exponential growth of technology presents law enforcement with new opportunities and challenges across every facet of their work, from criminal investigations to public order operations and traffic control.

Kris D'Hoore's insights highlight the crucial role that technology plays in supporting the mission of police officers worldwide. By embracing innovation, leveraging artificial intelligence systems, and utilizing cutting-edge technology, law enforcement agencies can stay ahead in the fight against crime and ensure the safety and security of communities around the globe.

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