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Transformative Power of the World Police Summit in Advancing Forensic Sciences and Criminology

World Police Summit

Dr. Alicia Carriquiry, a distinguished professor at Iowa State University, emphasizes the importance of gatherings like the World Police Summit, which bring together experts and specialists in law enforcement from around the world. With her expertise in developing new methodologies and technologies in forensic sciences, Dr. Carriquiry recognizes the value of exchanging information and knowledge between researchers and practitioners. In this interview, she sheds light on the significance of the World Police Summit and the role it plays in advancing forensic sciences and criminology.


  • What is the importance of organising the World Police Summit, which brings together experts and specialists in law enforcement from various countries and international organisations? Would you urge other law enforcement agencies to attend it?

Gatherings like the World Police Summit are critically important.  They enable the exchange of information not only across countries, but also across areas of expertise.  As a researcher and developer of new methodologies, I greatly appreciate the chance to share new knowledge with the practitioners who will hopefully benefit from it and to hear from practitioners about their most pressing problems and needs in the field.


  • To what extent have technologies today become a major contributor to solving crimes and providing a reliable forensic evidence? What role does the Summit play in developing forensic sciences and criminology?

Technology has become a valuable component in forensic practice.  It empowers practitioners to address formerly intractable problems such as understanding the number of contributors to a complex DNA mixture, or taking precise measurements of striations on a bullet.  The World Police Summit provides a venue for participants to learn about new technology and how it can help with case work.

Dr. Carriquiry's insights highlight the critical role played by the World Police Summit in fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing among law enforcement agencies and experts. By bringing together professionals from diverse backgrounds and disciplines, the Summit enables the exchange of cutting-edge technologies and methodologies, empowering practitioners to enhance their crime-solving capabilities. With the continuous advancement of technology, the World Police Summit serves as a platform for developing forensic sciences and criminology, ensuring that law enforcement agencies remain at the forefront of innovation in the fight against crime.

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