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Criminal Networks in EU Ports


Organized crime continually refines techniques to elude capture, particularly in transporting illicit items like drugs and counterfeits. Europe's ports are primary conduits where criminals conceal these illegal goods within legitimate consignments in the EU trade zone.

This collaborative study, undertaken by Europol and major ports like Rotterdam, Antwerp, and Hamburg/Bremerhaven, highlights prevalent tactics criminals use to sidestep EU port security. A notable strategy emerging is the misuse of container reference codes or PIN code fraud. The report delves into broader trends in EU criminal endeavors, emphasizing corruption's role in aiding illicit trade. It concludes by suggesting collaborative strategies between port officials and law enforcement to eradicate port crimes.


Download report here


Source Acknowledgment:

The information presented on this page has been sourced from an official report by Europol, the European Union Agency for Law Enforcement Cooperation. We extend our gratitude to Europol for their comprehensive research and insights. For a full understanding and to access the original report, please visit Europol's official website.

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