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ChatGPT - The Impact on Law Enforcement


Advanced Language Models, like ChatGPT, are swiftly progressing and have become common in today's tech scene. This evolution highlights machine learning's growing versatility, capable of simple and intricate tasks alike. The innovations surrounding these models could influence various sectors, not excluding criminal arenas. How does this intersect with policing?

Recognizing ChatGPT's rising prominence, Europol's Innovation Lab conducted several expert discussions to investigate potential misuses of these models by criminals and their potential benefits for detectives. The findings from these dialogues are summarized in this Tech Watch Flash report, serving as a resource for law enforcement navigating modern tech transformations.

Within Tech Watch Flash editions, the Innovation Lab of Europol, collaborating with different policing bodies and allies, offers insights into emergent tech trends impacting police operations.

For referencing: Europol (2023). "ChatGPT - How Advanced Language Models Shape Policing". A Tech Watch Flash Insight by the Europol Innovation Lab. Publications Office of the European Union, Luxembourg.

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Source Acknowledgment:

The information presented on this page has been sourced from an official report by Europol, the European Union Agency for Law Enforcement Cooperation. We extend our gratitude to Europol for their comprehensive research and insights. For a full understanding and to access the original report, please visit Europol's official website.

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