Leadership Keynote | Forensic Linguistics: Police Interviewing and Interrogation Records and Practice

07 Mar 2024
Theater B
Forensics Conference

Police practices around the world, but particularly in English-speaking contexts, are slow to evolve, because of a tendency for conservatism in legal settings. However, societal change in terms of the developments in the use of technology, attitudes to the police, and growing security tensions has seen significant transformation. There is, therefore, a gap in the ways in which police practice matches the demands of the 21st century.

Attendees Insights: 
This talk identifies some of the gaps in police practice around the interviewing and interrogation of suspects and the records of interviews that are made. It reports on some of the research that is currently being conducted to fill those gaps and also provides suggestions for further work. Examples are given from research in the UK, Australia, and Nigeria with reference to police interview data. Discussion focuses on the implications of current and future research for the global community in terms of the creation of safer societies. 

Alison May, Lecturer - Leeds University