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The World Police Summit 2024 offers an exceptionally diverse and pertinent program uniquely tailored to the global law enforcement, policing and security communities and ecosystem.

With 7 strategic conferences, technical sessions, workshops, roundtables, masterclasses, and an expo which welcomes the best international suppliers and actors of the full value chain, the Summit gives attendees a unique opportunity to network in person with the leaders,  experts, policymakers, innovators, suppliers, and decision-makers who are taking global forces into the future.

By joining the World Police Summit, you will get unparalleled access to the global conversation around the hottest topics, current challenges, and their solutions from a national and international perspective; you will experience first-hand the pioneering innovations that will transform the world of policing and security.

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Immersive Conferences


Leading Speakers

Experience Policing Excellence

Join a Global Platform

Experience  1000's of cutting-edge solutions; Hear from 230+ experts and gain unmatched insights into law enforcement hot topics; Network with homeland security, global forces, security agencies and professionals, fostering impactful knowledge sharing and collaboration.

Join the Global Conversation

Join the Global Conversation

Gain invaluable knowledge and insights from the elite expert speakers, acclaimed leaders from agencies, national forces, policing and security global communities across 7 conferences.

Discover Pioneering Innovations

Discover Pioneering Innovations

Explore the exhibition to discover 1000’s of solutions and technologies,  fast-track product research, and enhance operational efficiency.

Access the Global Networking Hub

Access the Global Networking Hub

Network with industry officials and peers from over 138 countries, fostering meaningful connections, exchanging ideas to debate and design tomorrow’s policing strategies.

Gain Policing excellence

Gain Policing excellence

Attend conferences, professional workshops and accredited masterclasses to elevate your policing skills and law enforcement knowledge.

7 Conferences uncovering the future of policing

The World Police Summit hosts an impressive lineup of keynote speakers, each with a wealth of experience and knowledge in policing and security. From government officials and ministers to business leaders and industry experts, the keynote speakers will provide valuable insights into the latest developments and trends in the industry.

The keynote sessions provide a unique opportunity for attendees to engage with thought leaders and gain a deeper understanding of the industry's challenges and opportunities today. The conferences will focus on:

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Source Cutting-Edge Solutions & Technologies

The World Police Summit brings together the latest cutting-edge policing, security, and public safety technologies, services, and solutions from over 230 suppliers worldwide. 

Experience the pioneering innovations that will redefine the operating models of police forces, agencies and security communities and equip them to anticipate and respond to the fast-evolving contemporary criminal challenges.

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Some of the sectors on display

  • AI 
  • Anti-Money Laundering 
  • Anti-Narcotics
  • Authentication & Access Controls 
  • C41 
  • Communications, Positioning & Transmission
  • Critical Response & First Responder
  • Cybersecurity & Information Technology 
  • Data Protection
  • Drones & Unmanned Vehicles
  • Forensics
  • Homeland Security & Border Protection
  • K9
  • Mobility, Vehicles, And Specialized Vehicles
  • Protective Equipment And Materials
  • Road And Transport Safety
  • Surveillance, Tracking Systems
  • Training Facilities And Solutions
  • Weapons, Ammunitions

Discover Dubai's Exciting Mix of Business and Leisure at World Police Summit


As the world's leading hub for international trade and commerce, Dubai offers a wealth of cultural attractions, dining options, and entertainment alongside world-class business facilities. The World Police Summit will be held at the Dubai World Trade Centre, providing attendees access to all the city has to offer, from thrilling theme parks and stunning beaches to top-notch restaurants and cultural landmarks. Don't miss the opportunity to experience the perfect blend of work and leisure at the World Police Summit in Dubai.

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