Leadership Keynote | Drones as First Responder: The Road to 16,000 Drone as First Responder Flights

05 Mar 2024
Theater D
Drones Conference

Public safety officers have long needed to respond to emergencies with limited details and often with no real-time information about whatever scene they were thrust into. The Chula Vista Police Department (California, United States) pioneered the groundbreaking Drone as First Responder (DFR) concept for drone flights, remotely launched and piloted from a single command center, to proactively respond to calls for service long before ground-based officers.

Attendee Insights:
Chief Roxana Kennedy will share the Department's strategies and challenges when developing and implementing new technology. She will discuss the importance of community transparency and finding community support, along with practices that have lead to the DFR program flying over 16,000 missions to date (and counting). Lastly, Chief Kennedy will share her visions for the future of DFR programs and how that will continue to revolutionize daily public safety operations around the world. 

Roxana Kennedy, Chief of Police - Chula Vista Police Department