Inspiring Female Officer Award

Inspiring Female Officer Award

This award category recognises the accomplishments of outstanding women in the global policing and law enforcement spectrum for their exemplary leadership and operational skillsets, that have had a significant impact on their agency and for their continuous drive for growth and success both personally and professionally.

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  • Female officers who have overcome hard circumstances to join the force or were able to break stereotypes in their fields through their hard work and dedication, or
  • Female officers who have shown an outstanding track record of operational/tactical expertise, team/unit management, and mentorship.
  • Individuals working within a police force’s operational, field, leadership, or civilian roles functions can submit entries
  • Entries can be made by the individual directly. Colleagues, peers or other representatives from the police force may also submit an entry on behalf of the individual
  • Police forces may nominate more than one employee/individual in this category
  • Please do not submit your entries more than once. If multiple entries are received for the same person, the most recent entry will be considered, and older entries will be deleted
  • Awards Jury Members cannot be nominated or nominate themselves in this category


Cover letter:

The entry must include a cover letter summarising why the individual has been nominated. The cover letter must be personalised and must articulate the nominee’s journey and story. The cover letter must include information on:

  • Demonstrated leadership skills including but not limited to initiatives taken to improve internal processes and team performance and processes; bolstered community relationships, and enhance public safety and security.
  • Initiatives taken to mentor and advance team members
  • Implemented practices to improve their area of expertise (tactical, field operations, etc.)
  • Going over and beyond their line of duty to break organisational bias and champion women empowerment across the force.

 Note: Cover letters can either be typed into the text box provided in the portal or may be uploaded as an attachment (word document or PDF).

Acknowledgment letters (mandatory)

Please include at least one acknowledgment/recommendation letter from your superiors, peers, internal stakeholders, direct reports, or clients. Accepted formats: PDFs or image files (JPG/PNG). Letters that do not have signatures will not be accepted. Letters must be addressed to the Awards Jury of the World Police Awards 2024.

Other supporting documents (Optional)

  • Links to any articles, interviews, or publications authored on police strategies or advancing leadership, inclusion, and diversity within the force
  • Photos or links to industry awards or recognition received if any


Measurable achievements and significant indicators of progress (30%)

Please highlight professional achievements within your career. Examples include leading a tactical operations team, successfully leading a change/research within the force that has had a major impact on the day-to-day operations, or creating processes to further enhance productivity in field operations, back office, intelligence, etc. Personal achievements may be included.

Innovation (20%)

Please highlight how you have innovated within your role. Examples include creating/introducing a new technology or process that has helped the force save time and money; thought of and implementing an out-of-the-box idea that helped transform your department/project, amongst others.

 Impact (30%)

Please highlight your initiative/project that has a direct or indirect impact on public safety, community happiness, or the development of your organisation (police force/law enforcement agency). The geographical focus of the impact can be local, regional, or international.

Professional skills and job know-how (20%)

Successfully demonstrated professional skills and job know-how and has taken substantial effort in continuously upgrading this knowledge. This can include information on courses undertaken, and articles and publications authored.

Please note that this is not restricted to technical/tactical field know-how only. This can include your learning and development within your job function as HR, finance, administration, IT, road safety, intelligence, training, research, and day-to-day operations.