Good Samaritan Award

Good Samaritan Award

The individual who assisted others in improving the community and provided an outstanding contribution through volunteer work. For instance, the individual participated in volunteer programs, social groups, outreach centers, or after school groups.

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  • Organizations should nominate people who are:

  • From the public community who has shown extraordinary concern for the safety of society or helping other individuals who are most in need.
  • Working within a police force’s operational, field, leadership, or civilian roles functions can submit entries
  • Please do not submit your entries more than once. If multiple entries are received for the same person, the most recent entry will be considered, and older entries will be deleted
  • Awards Jury Members cannot be nominated or nominate themselves in this category
  • Incumbent police officers cannot be nominated or nominate themselves for this category


Cover letter:

The entry must include a cover letter summarising why the individual has been nominated in 300 words or less. The cover letter must be personalised and must articulate the nominee’s journey and story. The cover letter must include information on:

  • Initiatives taken to prevent an accident, help others in need or enhance the overall safety or the communities
  • Any act of collaboration with police forces to solve or prevent a crime can also be included

 Note: Cover letters can either be typed into the text box provided in the portal or may be uploaded as an attachment (word document or PDF).

Acknowledgment letters (mandatory)

Please include at least one acknowledgment/recommendation letter from your colleagues, neighbours, police officers, or other government officials highlighting your achievement. Accepted formats: PDFs or image files (JPG/PNG). Letters that do not have signatures will not be accepted. Letters must be addressed to the Awards Jury of the World Police Awards 2024.

Other supporting documents (Optional)

  • Links to any articles, interviews, or publications that highlight your story, initiatives as a good Samaritan
  • Photos or links to industry awards or recognition received if any


Measurable achievements and significant indicators of progress (40%)

Please highlight how the person has exhibited selfless acts of kindness, courage, or compassion to communities or people in distress. Include any instances where the person has gone beyond their physical capabilities to help the police solve a crime or suggest and implement changes to enhance societal safety and security.

 Impact (40%)

Please highlight your initiative/project that has a direct or indirect impact on public safety, community happiness, or saving the life of an individual. The geographical focus of the impact can be local, regional, or international.

 Please note that this is not restricted to technical/tactical field know-how only. This can include your learning and development within your job function as HR, finance, administration, IT, road safety, intelligence, training, research, and day-to-day operations.

 Recommendation (20%)

Please highlight recommendations and awards received from the police force or government agencies highlighting the individual’s achievements that have contributed to enhancing public safety or security. Letters of recommendation from police forces, law enforcement agencies or emergency response teams may also be included