Excellence in Anti-Narcotics Programme Award

Excellence in Anti-Narcotics Programme Award

This award category recognises the best anti-narcotics and drug awareness programmes of global police forces, drug enforcement, and public health agencies that have had a substantial impact on the reduction of narcotics supply or a decline in substance use across societies.

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  • Teams within global police forces, drug enforcement agencies and public health institutions (including health ministries) who have championed novel drug awareness campaigns in their jurisdiction or have successfully performed a large-scale drug bust.
  • Entries can be on countering drug trafficking, drug awareness, de-addiction or rehabilitation programmes
  • Entries can be submitted by teams within police forces or law enforcement agencies
  • Please submit separate entries for each programme in case you have separate initiatives for awareness, rehabilitation, etc.


Cover letter:

The entry must include a cover letter summarising why the team/unit is submitting an entry for this award category. The cover letter must be 500 words or less, personalised, and must articulate the team’s journey and story in enhancing the society’s awareness of drugs. The cover letter must include information on key initiatives, strategies, and cross-border initiatives, if any, that have helped the programme.

Note: Cover letters can either be typed into the text box provided in the portal or may be uploaded as an attachment (word document or PDF).

Acknowledgment letters (mandatory)

Please include at least one acknowledgment/recommendation letter from your superiors or the head of the department highlighting the team’s efforts. Accepted formats: PDFs or image files (JPG/PNG). Letters that do not have signatures will not be accepted. Letters must be addressed to the Awards Jury of the World Police Awards 2024.

Other supporting documents (Optional)

  • Links to any news articles, interviews, or publications that highlight the crime
  • Photos or links to industry awards or recognition received if any


Measurable Impact (50%)

Please explain the impact your team has had in solving a drug bust, tracking down drug traffickers, educating the communities on the ill effects of substance abuse and addiction, or supporting drug rehabilitation. Try to quantify the societal impact as much as possible (for example, as an economic impact in the case of drug trafficking); the more numbers you include, the better.

 Innovation (30%)

Please explain how your unit has embraced innovation (process or technology) to solve a drug bust, track down traffickers or enhance community awareness. For example, employing intelligence and technology to track down an international suspect involved in a trans-national drug crime that has never been used in the country/region/globally. Please note that innovation does not necessarily imply something completely new, for example, if a technology/process has been replicated from another region for the first time, this certainly counts as being innovative.

 Transferability (20%)

How easy is it to replicate the best practices of your strategy/technology/process and apply them to other locations locally or globally? Does it have the potential to become an industry best practice?