Best Police App of the Year Award

Best Police App of the Year Award

The "Best Police App of the Year" award recognizes and honors the most exceptional police application developed and implemented during the year. This prestigious award celebrates innovation, functionality, and usability, highlighting the app that has made a significant impact in enhancing law enforcement operations and promoting public safety.

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  • Police app’s that add value to the society and citizens.
  • Police force headquarters are only eligible to nominate in this category.
  • Please do not submit your entries more than once.
  • Individuals may not submit for this category.
  • Smart police app’s that have reflected outstanding outputs and results in enhancing the life of citizens.
  • The smart app must expose and reflect design, technology, innovation, features and user experience.


Cover Letter:

The entry must include a cover letter summarizing why the force has been nominated. The cover letter must be personalized and must articulate the force’s journey and story in creating the smart app. The cover letter must include information on:

  • Demonstrated leadership skills including but not limited to initiatives taken to improve internal processes and team performance and processes; bolstered community relationships, and enhance public safety and security within the creation of the police smart app.
  • Initiatives taken to mentor and advance team members
  • Implemented practices to improve their area of expertise (tactical, field operations, etc.)
  • Going over and beyond their line of duty to break organizational bias and champion women empowerment across the force.
  • Results and outputs reflected from the smart police app towards the city, society, community and citizens.
  • Evidence of approval letters and verification.
  • Acknowledgement letters (mandatory) – addressed to the Awards Jury of the World Police Summit 2024.
  • Supporting documents (Optional) [News Article(s), Publication(s), , Certificate of Appreciation, Analytics, Photos & Video, Awards, and Recognitions.


  • Describe the smart police app and its aim: A clear description of the app, its aim, its availability on all platforms and number of users. (20%)
  • Target category: Clarify all target categories and elaborate on each category is benefiting from the app. (10%)
  • The challenges that the app solves along with its effect on the society and the organization: Explain the challenges that the app has solved, tangible and intangible results. (15%)
  • Significant features and specifications: Elaborate on the ease of use and to what extent are modern technologies are used (20%)
  • Significant obstacles and barriers within the development stages and how were they solved. (20%)
  • Security: Standards and procedures applied to ensure the protection of the application. (15%)