Award FAQ

Who Can Submit an Entry?

The World Police Summit Awards are open to all individuals and government agencies, meeting the criteria of the related category/categories. We welcome entries from across the globe. Self-nominated and third-party entries are both accepted.

There are no limits to how many unique submissions can be made by an individual or government agency if the eligibility requirements for the category are met. If a project is relevant to multiple categories and corresponds with the entry submission criteria, it may be submitted for multiple categories.

Can I Submit Multiple Entries for The Same Project In The Same Category?

No. Please do not submit entries for the same project more than once. If the same entry is submitted multiple times, the most recent entry will be considered, with previous entries being deleted.

Are There Any Entry Fees Associated with The Entry Submission?

No. The World Police Summit Awards are free to enter, irrespective of the number of categories you participate in.

How Do I Submit My Entry for The World Police Summit Awards 2024?

  • Register and create your account on the online portal through the World Police Summit Awards webpage
  • Choose the category or categories you wish to enter, complete all required fields against the judging criteria and submit your entry.
  • You will receive an email from us to confirm we have received your entry.
  • For your convenience, you can download the brochure on the categories and their respective criteria, which you can use to prepare your submission offline.

What Are the Entry Submission Guidelines?

  • Entries will only be accepted through the online platform, link here.
  • Ensure that you have read and understood the judging criteria, addressing the points provided in each section. Each criteria section has a word count limit of 300. It is important to be comprehensive and concise in your descriptions including only the key information.
  • Including evidence such as photos, graphs, press releases, media coverage, videos, etc., will strengthen the submission. These supporting materials should be added as weblinks and hyperlinks within the submission or uploaded directly to the online platform. Uploads must be of supporting images/graphs. Text-only uploads will not be accepted.
  • Each entry is to be valid for the qualifying period between 10 May 2023 - 01 March 2024 . If your entry is a resubmission, it is necessary to provide a project update for this period. Additional information must be available to support entries if requested.
  • Please note that a company logo is required for all entries and must be in a high resolution, in .eps or .ai format.

When Is the Deadline To Submit Entries?

All entries must be submitted via the World Police Summit Awards’ online portal by 11:59 pm GST, Friday 01 March 2024.

Do I Have to Submit my Entry in One Sitting or Can I Complete It at a Later Date?

The online submissions platform allows entrants to save their submission as a draft that they can return to and complete at a later time. Applicants must remember to save their progress and can update and change the content as many times as needed, up until the submission deadline.

Can I Edit My Entry After Submitting It?

Yes. To do so, log back into the online platform at any time make the necessary edits and re-submit before the entry deadline.

Can I Send Additional Materials That Will Complement My Submission Via Email?

No additional material will be accepted via email. All materials that are relevant to your submission must be submitted through the online platform.

What Format Should the Attachments Be In?

Attachments are accepted in JPG/JPEG/PNG/GIF/PDF/DOC/DOCX format. The maximum upload size is 5MB. Uploads must be of supporting images/ graphs. Text-only uploads will not be accepted.

Will I Receive Feedback for a Submission?

No, feedback on submissions is not shared.

Whom Do I Contact with Questions on Nominations or the Awards Process?

Email us at awards@worldpolicesummit.com

Will I Be Notified Regarding the Receipt of My Submission?

Yes. You will receive a notification email upon completion of your entry/entries. If you have registered or have saved a draft, but have not submitted your entry, you will also receive a reminder email from the WPS Awards team to complete your submission, as we approach the deadline.

Will I Be Notified If I Have Been Selected as a Finalist?

Yes. You will be notified by email by the WPS Awards team. You will also receive an email should you regrettably not make the shortlist.

If I Am Selected as A Finalist, Is There A Fee To Attend The WPS Awards Ceremony?

Each category finalist will be given one complimentary invitation to attend the World Police Summit Awards ceremony. Any travel or personal costs incurred to attend the ceremony are to be borne by awards committee.

Do I Have to Attend If I’m Selected As A Finalist?

No, however, we do encourage you to send a representative should your entry be awarded on stage.

When Will I Know If We've Won?

The winners of each category will be announced at the World Police Summit Awards Ceremony, which will take place on 7 March 2024 in Dubai, UAE. Winners will not be notified before the ceremony.

When and Where Will the World Police Summit Awards Ceremony Take Place?

The World Police Summit Awards Ceremony will take place on 7 March 2024 in Dubai, UAE.